Ryan Mann

Quantum Physics, Complexity Theory, & Combinatorics



  • A Book of Abstract Algebra Book

    An excellent introduction to abstract algebra by Charles Pinter.


  • Principles of Mathematical Analysis Book

    A classic text in mathematical analysis by Walter Rudin.

  • Real Analysis Video Lectures

    Course by Francis Su closely following Walter Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis.

  • Visual Complex Analysis Book

    Book by Tristan Needham covering complex analysis from a geometrical perspective.


  • Combinatorics Through Guided Discovery Book

    Kenneth Bogart's book is the best way to learn combinatorics.

  • Generatingfunctionology Book

    A nice introduction to generator functions by Herbert Wilf.

  • The Probabilistic Method Book

    The definitive book on the probabilistic method by Noga Alon and Joel Spencer.

Computer Science

  • CS Theory Toolkit Video Lectures

    Lectures by Ryan O'Donnell covering a wide-range of mathematics and theortical computer science topics.

Quantum Theory

Theoretical Physics

  • Geometrical Anatomy of Theoretical Physics Video Lectures

    Lectures by Frederic Schuller covering a wide-range of mathematics for theoretical physics. Topics include logic, set theory, topology, manifolds, tensors, grassmann algebra, cohomology, lie groups, lie algebra, fibre bundles, curvature and torsion.


  • The Elements of Style Book

    A classic book on writing style by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White.